About Us

Smart Cat Home is not just a place for your cat, but it’s also a place for you.

It all started in 2015 with our friend Nora and her cat, Clarence. She was searching for the perfect cat bed to fit inside her modern home. After searching without any luck, she approached us. We understand how difficult it is to find the right decor to fit in people’s homes, being in the fashion business, but we knew exactly where to turn to - European artisans. After more cat-lovers began inquiring where they could find the perfect modern cat decor, in 2017 we created Smart Cat Home to make it easier for all the people in the United States to pick and assort through the beautiful collections of modern European cat furnishings. Our philosophy is that your cat furnishings should never be a eyesore to your beautiful decor.

Smart Cat Home. The home to all things sophisticated and cat related.

Why Smart Cat Home?

Because modern times require us to constantly keep up with the advances in technology and design, we have created a place – a home – where you can find all that you need. From ECO-friendly materials to cutting-edge designed furniture, we give you and your cat the lifestyle you both desire.

The mission.

Here you will find that we have taken into account the various desires of the contemporary human and feline companion. We pride ourselves on being connected and tuned in with you and your cat. With new products being released every day, we work rigorously to make sure that your home is up-to-date and ready for whatever may come.

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