FelliP Emerald Natti Supreme Cat Bowl

FelliP Emerald Natti Supreme Cat Bowl

The Natti Collection is specially designed for those furry kids who need their momz and dadz cleaning up their mess after each meal. The outer rim of the Natti bowl will stop the kibbles from falling all over the ground. You can just pour the kibbles back to the inner bowl from the tip of the elliptical end. If you are afraid of buds getting to the foodz, just add some water around the rim of the bowl to create a water barrier.

  • Beautiful vibrant colors fit any home decor
  • Dishwasher safe & 2-piece design of easy cleaning
  • Non slip base to avoid accidental spills
  • Made from toxic-free materials


Length: 8.8 in Width: 8.8 in Height: 2.5 in

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